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October 12, 2005 by GreatSilverWyrm
Up until now I've not been able to get WB5 to work at all. Come to find out it was simply the activation problem everyone has been having..

So, I copied Activate.exe into the WB5 folder after uninstalling WB4, activated correctly, and now everything works.. sort of.

The first time I got it working, I got the rundll error, and drwatson.whatever and konfabulator died. I uninstalled/reinstalled and this time just got the rundll error - no killage of apps.

However, both times, my display pr...
October 10, 2005 by GreatSilverWyrm
I've got a 64-bit processor, but I don't have 64-bit windows. Is the WB5 incompatibility with 64-bit just with 64-bit windows, or anyone with a 64-bit processor?
August 19, 2005 by GreatSilverWyrm
How would one link to specific control panel things in ObjectDock? Like Mouse, Sound, User accts, etc..